Chicken Run: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is the soundtrack to the 2000 DreamWorks/Aardman animated film Chicken Run.


  • Target key: C Major
  • Category: A
  • Release date: 20 June 2000
  • Label: RCA Victor
  • Clear disc tray?: Yes

Track listingEdit

NOTE FROM DJWRULES: Since I didn't want to have too much space taken over, I tried to see if I could put up the closest and most common key for much of the scores below. Some of them, I even had to use AudioKeychain in order to find the closest key.

All tracks composed by John Powell and Harry Gregson-Williams except tracks 12 and 17.

  1. Opening Escape (C Minor; 3x)
  2. Main Titles (C Major; 3x)
  3. The Evil Mrs. Tweedy (C Major; 3x)
  4. Rats! (C Minor; 3x)
  5. Chickens Are Not Organized (C Minor / F Major ; 3x, 3x - 1)
  6. We Need a Miracle (C Major; 3x)
  7. Rocky and the Circus (C Major; 3x)
  8. Flight Training (C Major; 3x)
  9. A Really Big Truck Arrives (G Minor; 3x - 1)
  10. Cocktails and Flighty Thoughts (C Major; 3x)
  11. Babs' Big Break (Bb Minor; 3x + 1)
  12. Flip, Flop and Fly - Ellis Hall (Bb / B Major ; 3x + 1, 3x - 1)
  13. Up on the Roof (G Major; 3x + 1)
  14. Into the Pie Machine (G Minor; 3x + 1)
  15. Rocky, a Fake All Along (E Minor; 3x + 1)
  16. Building the Crate (A Minor; 3x)
  17. The Wanderer - Dion (D Major; 3x - 1)
  18. The Chickens Are Revoluting (A Minor; 3x + 1)
  19. Lift Off (G Minor; 3x + 1)
  20. Escape to Paradise (A Minor / C Major; 3x)


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